inspiration for stylish celebrations



Boot Camp Team Building Decor
Camouflage Tablecloths
Enamel Cups
Enamel Plates
Paper Serviettes
Green Oil Lanterns
Camouflage Triangle Bunting
Camouflage Alphabet Letters
Ammunition Trunks
Wooden Pallet
Wooden Crates
Dixie Pans
Army Boots
Army Hat
Army Belt
Wooden Rifle
Wooden Cutlery
Food Labels

Boot Camp Team Building Food & Drinks
"Cannonballs" Meatballs
Dog Biscuits in Packets
Spaghetti & Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
Super C’s
Energy Bars
Camouflage Cupcakes
Nickerballs "Bullets"
Cadbury’s Shortcake Tumbles "Bullets"
Camouflage Fruit & Nut Platter
"Tank Tyres" Chocolate Doughnuts
Mineral Water Bottles with Camouflage Labels
Energy Drinks with Camouflage Labels
Mini “Braaibroodjies”
Mini “Boerewors” Rolls with “Sheba”
"Braaied" Chicken Wings
“Mieliebrood” in Mini Enamel Cups
Mini “Bunny Chow”
"Kerkbasaar" Curry & Rice in Mini Enamel Cups
with coconut, sliced banana & Mrs Balls Chutney
Cape Brandy Pudding
Potato Salad
South African Cheese Board with Green Fig Preserve
Corn on the Cob
Biltong & “Droewors”
Individual Chicken Pies in Mini Enamel Cups
Mini "Roosterkoek" Karoo Lamb Burgers with "Sheba"
Mini “Vetkoek” & Curry Mince
Cape Malay Bobotie Bites in Mini Enamel Cups
with Mrs Balls Chutney
“Braaied” Pork Riblets
Dried Apricot & Lamb Curry Sosaties
Lemon & Herb Chicken Sosaties
South African Flag Salad Platter
Biltong & Cream Cheese Balls
Biltong Pate
Cheese Scones & Biltong