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Country & Western Party Decor

Enamel Plates & Cups
Horse Saddles
Horse Shoes
Galvanised Steel Ice Bucket
Galvanized Steel Caddy
Brown Paper Bag Lanterns
Hessian Tablecloths
Red & White Gingham Check Table Cloths
Wine Barrels
Wooden Cutlery
Galvanized Ice Buckets
Hessian Overlays
Oil Lanterns
Cow Print Overlays
Red Bandanas
Candles in Beer Bottles
Denim Bunting
Milk Canisters
Cowboy Hats
Chalk Board Food Labels
Wooden Crates
Sunflowers in Galvanized Steel Buckets
Cowboy Boots
White Flowers in Tins with Hessian & Lace
Wooden Pallet

Country & Western Party Food & Drinks
Breadrolls in Baskets lined with Bandanas
Pork Sausage, Bacon & Beans in Mini Enamel Cups
Pulled Pork Sliders
Corn on the Cob
Cornbread & Butter
Tortilla Wraps with BBQ Chicken, Mayonnaise, Lettuce & Tomato
Tortilla Chips with Cowboy Caviar, Guacamole & Sour Cream
Wagon Wheel Pasta Salad
Mini Hotdogs with Tomato & Onion Relish
Mini Gourmet Cowboy Burgers
Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese Dip
Beer in Enamel Cups
Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos
Sticky BBQ Ribs
Potato Salad
Three Bean Salad
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade in Consol Jars
Whole Peanuts in Galvanized Steel Buckets
Cowboy “Smokies” Bacon Wrapped Pork Sausages
Cowboy “Kisses” Bacon Wrapped Prawns & Jalapenos

Country & Western Party Entertainment
Live Music by Bianca Blanc

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10 JUNE 2017

I totally enjoyed every minute of planning and preparing for this 40th birthday party!

We decorated the table with hessian tablecloths, red & white gingham check, cow print and denim overlays, hessian table runners, enamel cups, plates and bowls, haystacks, a horse saddle, horse shoes, a galvanized steel ice bucket, brown paper bag lanterns, a wine barrel, a rope, wooden cutlery in a galvanized steel caddy, oil lanterns, red bandanas, hessian bunting, a cowboy hat, chalk board food labels, milk canisters, a guitar, wooden crates, sunflowers in a galvanized steel watering can, wooden boards, a wooden pallet and white flowers in tins decorated with hessian and lace.

The guests were welcomed with South African "moonshine", Hakkiesdraad Perske Mampoer!

We served pork sausage, bacon & beans in mini enamel cups, pulled pork sliders with coleslaw, cornbread & butter, tortilla wraps with BBQ chicken, mayonnaise, lettuce & tomato, wagon wheel pasta salad, mini hotdogs with tomato & onion relish, mini gourmet cowboy burgers, chicken burgers with cheese, guacamole & jalapenos, Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip, bacon wrapped jalapenos, sticky BBQ pork ribs, nachos with cheese and cowboy caviar, guacamole and sour cream for dipping, whole peanuts in galvanized steel buckets, bacon wrapped pork sandwiches and Cowboy "Kisses", bacon wrapped prawns & jalapenos.