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Proudly South African "Kuier" Decor
South African Flag Picks
South African Flags
Enamel Plates & Cups
Consol Solar Jars
Wire Baobab Trees
"Driepoot Potte"
Proteas in Vintage Proudly South African Tins
African Arts & Crafts
Porcupine Quills
Afrikaans Nostalgia Tablecloths
Basket with Iconic South African Brands
Ouma Rusks, Mrs Balls Chutney, Mageu No 1, Rooibos Tea, Jungle Oats, Chappies, Black Cat Peanut Butter, All Gold Tomato Sauce, Lucky Star, Ultramel Custard, Castle Lager, NikNaks, Koo Baked Beans, Champion Wilson’s Toffees
Wheelbarrow filled with Ice
Zulu Beadwork
Wooden Crates
Enamel Coffee Pot

Proudly South African "Kuier" Food & Drinks
South African Wine
Mini “Braaibroodjies”
Mini “Boerewors” Rolls with “Sheba”
"Braaied" Chicken Wings
South African Beer
Ginger Beer in Consol Jars
“Mieliebrood” in Mini Enamel Cups
Mini “Bunny Chow”
"Kerkbasaar" Curry & Rice in Mini Enamel Cups
with coconut, sliced banana & Mrs Balls Chutney
Cape Brandy Pudding
Potato Salad
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade in Consol Jars
South African Cheese Platter with Green Fig Preserve
Corn on the Cob
Biltong & “Droewors”
Individual Chicken Pies in Mini Enamel Cups
Mini "Roosterkoek" Karoo Lamb Burgers with "Sheba"
Rooibos Tea
Mini “Vetkoek” & Curry Mince
“Ouma Beskuit”
“Springbokkie” Shooters
“Melktertjie” Shooters
Cape Malay Bobotie Bites in Mini Enamel Cups
with Mrs Balls Chutney
“Braaied” Pork Riblets
Dried Apricot & Lamb Curry Sosaties
Lemon & Herb Chicken Sosaties
South African Flag Salad Platter

11 JUNE 2016

I loved EVERY single element of this Proudly South African "Kuier" food table we put together for a 70th birthday celebration, I just loved it!

We started off by decorating the table with a tablecloth printed with old Afrikaans sayings, proteas in vintage tins, South African flag picks, wooden crates, enamel cups & plates, wooden forks & spoons, vintage tins, small "driepootpotte", "windpompe", wooden boards & bowls, African art, a Fourie du Preez bobble head, a wire Baobab tree and Zulu beadwork animals.

We served individual chicken & mushroom pies in mini enamel cups, "braaied" chicken wings, the cutest individual "mieliebrood" in mini enamel cups, a South African cheese platter with an assortment of biscuits as well as green fig preserve, curry lamb & dried apricot "sosaties", grilled corn on the cob, pork ribs, biltong & "droewors", "roosterkoek" with butter, lemon & herb chicken "sosaties", individual "kerkbasaar" curry mince & rice in mini enamel cups complete with sliced banana, coconut & Mrs Ball's Chutney, mini "vetkoek" & curry mince, "sousboontjies", "chakalaka", "frikkadelle" with pickled onions and potato salad.

29 NOVEMBER 2014

I totally enjoyed putting everything together for this Proudly South African housewarming party.

The guests were welcomed with delicious "Springbokkie" shooters and homemade lemonade in Consol jars.

We decorated the food table with a beautiful tablecloth printed with nostalgic Afrikaans sayings, enamel cups & plates, cutlery in small black three legged pots, wire "windpompe", Proteas in vintage tins such as Ouma Beskuit, a South African flag, Zulu woodwork bowls, a wire baobab tree as well as vintage South African vinyl records, just for a little nostalgia!

For starters we served "frikkadelle" with pickled onions, lemon & herb chicken sosaties, pork ribs, a cheese platter with a selection of South African cheeses with biscuits & green fig preserve as well as grilled chicken wings.

For the main course the host prepared a delicious lamb on the spit.  We prepared the side dishes which included traditional potato salad, mini "braaibroodjies", traditional "sousboontjies" (thank you to my BFF Linde!), grilled corn on the cob, a green salad and potbread with butter.

Indeed a proudly South African feast!