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Airline Pilot Party Decor
Navy Blue & White Striped Tablecloths
Navy Blue, Red & White Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Navy Blue, Red & White Aeroplane Bunting
Cutlery & Serviettes in Plastic Packets
Plastic Trays
Red Alphabet Letters
Navy Blue & White Striped Paper Straws
"Arrivals", "Departure", "Terminal", "Baggage Claim" & "Gate" Signs
Pilot Hats

Airline Pilot Party Eats & Treats
Cloud Cookies
Aeroplane Sandwiches
Aeroplane Cookies
Blue Candyfloss "Clouds"
"In Flight Meals" Gourmet Sandwiches
Airline Pilot Picture Cupcakes
Blue & White Cloud Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Sweets in Apothecary Jars
"Landing Gear" Chocolate Doughnuts
Blue Jelly Bowls with Mini Marshmallow "Clouds"
Aeroplane Pizza Bites
Aeroplane Cheese Bites & Biscuits
Marshmallow "Clouds"
"In Flight Snacks"
Selection of Chocolates & Crisps
Meringues "Clouds"

Airline Pilot Party Drinks
"Jet Fuel" Apple Juice
Mineral Water Bottles
Blue Lemonade
Vanilla Milk Bottles

Airline Pilot Party Favours
Suitcase Boxes

11 FEBRUARY 2017

How cute!

I love this blue wall at Fantasy Park in Chartwell, Johannesburg! :)

This cute little birthday boy LOVES Boeings!

We decorated the eats & treats table with a navy blue & white striped tablecloth, navy blue, red & white aeroplane bunting (which was one of my favourite elements), a globe, food labels, navy blue, red & white tissue paper pom poms, "Arrivals", "Departure", "Terminal", "Baggage Claim", "Food Court" & "Gate" signs, a pilot hat, wooden spoons and paper serviettes in plastic packets, plastic food serving trays and the birthday boy's name in red alphabet letters.

We served popcorn in blue & white cloud boxes, blue jelly bowls with mini marshmallow "clouds", aeroplane pizza bites, cheese bites and cookies (thank you to Fabulicious Cakes!), "In Flight Meal" gourmet sandwiches, vanilla cupcakes in red & white polka dot cupcake cups with personalized Boeing cupcake toppers (thank you to mommy Michele for the artwork!) and "Landing Gear" chocolate doughnuts.

To drink we served delicious vanilla milk in glass bottles with navy blue paper straws and apple juice in a "Fuel" can with navy blue paper cups.

The adults enjoyed some of our delicious Gourmet Snack Platters. :)