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Beach Party Decor
Sea Sand
Beach Towels
Beach Balls
Shell Plates
Hessian Tablecloths
Blue Tablecloths
Swimming Rings
Swimming Goggles
Beach Pails & Shovels
Blue & Green Glass Bubbles
Hula Hoops
Pool Noodles
Mini Beach Pails Food Labels
Beach Ball Bunting

Beach Party Eats & Treats
Sweets in Beach Pails & Shovels
"Take a Dip" Potato Crisps in Beach Pails & Shovels
Tropical Fruit Jelly Sweets
"Blue Ocean" Lemonade
Orange Juice
Fresh Fruit Salad in Bamboo Boats
Pink, Blue, Green & Yellow Jelly Bowls
Beach Ball Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Mini Gourmet Burgers
Pina Colada Cocktails
Watermelon Wedges
Sandy Beach & Umbrella Cupcakes
Mineral Water Bottles
Beach Ball Chocolate Lollipops
"Beach Balls" Gumballs
Tropical Fruit Punch
Flip Flop Cookies
"Blue Ocean" Jelly Bowls
"Sea Shells" Pasta Salad Bowls
Vanilla Ice Cream Cups
Lemon Cheesecake & Fresh Fruit "Beach Ball"
Gummy Sharks
Cheese Spread & Biltong "Starfish" Sandwiches
Beach Ball Cookies
"Blue Ocean" Fruit Punch
"Suntan Lotion" Meringues

Beach Party Favours
Square Pink, Blue, Green & Yellow Boxes
Flip Flop Boxes
Beach Pails & Shovels
Beach Ball Boxes

1 APRIL 2017

This little birthday boy LOVES balls and then we thought, what better way to combine summer and balls than with BEACH BALLS!

We decorated the eats & treats table with hessian tablecloths, beach towels, lots and lots of beach balls, plastic ice buckets, wooden spoons, beach pails & shovels, food labels in tiny beach pails filled with sea sand, wooden crates, wooden cutlery, ball pit balls, a lilo, swimming ring, hoola hoop and a pool noodle and beach ball bunting.

The eats & treats included fresh fruit salad in bamboo boats, beach ball cookies on coconut cookie crumbs "Sea Sand", biltong & cheese spread "Starfish" sandwiches, beach ball chocolate lollipops, gummy sharks and crisps in beach pails with shovels and "Blue Ocean" jelly bowls with wooden spoons.

To drink we served bottled water in plastic ice buckets and "Blue Ocean" lemonade in plastic glasses with blue & white striped paper straws.