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Brave Party Decor
Green Grass Placemats
Tree Trunk Cupcake Stands
Tartan Tablecloths
Wooden Cutlery
Blue Cellophane Will O’ the Wisps
Teal Satin Tablecloths
Orange Organza Overlays
Brave Cardboard Centrepieces
Target & Arrow
Brown Velvet Tablecloths

Brave Party Eats & Treats
Green Grass & Arrow Cupcakes
Bear Claw Cupcakes
Mineral Water Bottles with Arrow Target Labels
Brave Picture Cupcakes
Green "Magic Mystical Witches Brew" Punch
Brave Chocolate Lollipops
Arrow Target Chocolate Lollipops
Grape Juice in Plastic Goblets
Chicken Drumsticks
Fresh Fruit & Cheese Arrows
"Will O’ the Wisps" Meringues
"Will O’ the Wisps" Blue Lollipops
"Will O’ the Wisps" Blue Candyfloss Cups
Brave Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
"Celtic Knots" Cookies
Pixie Sticks Arrows
Bear Claw Cookies

Brave Party Favours
Tartan Sashes
Round Teal Boxes with Target Lids & Arrows
Square Teal & Orange Brave Picture Boxes


I liked the colour scheme of brown, burnt orange & teal.

My favourite element was the bear claw cupcakes, so cute!

Apart from the cupcakes we served fresh fruit & cheese arrows, chicken drumsticks, Brave chocolate lollipops and blue Will-O-the-Wisps candyfloss in cups.

We decorated the table with brown velvet tablecloths (for the bears), a teal stin tablecloth (for Merida's dress) and burnt orange organza overlays (for Merida's hair) as well as a Brave cardboard centrepiece and a target with an arrow.

To drink we served bottled water with Brave labels.

Each little guest received a round target party favour box (complete with an arrow!) filled with treats to take home.

16 MARCH 2013

I was really excited when a regular client of mine asked me to do a Brave themed birthday party for her daughter.  Not only do I love the colour scheme of teal & orange but there is so much one can do with the theme.

But first I had to do some "research" and watch the movie!  Yes, yes, I know... I am probably one of the "coolest" moms out there, I know all the children's movies, Disney characters, Cartoon Network programmes and Nickelodeon actors & actresses.  And then there are superheros!  Let's leave it there... :)

We used teal satin, orange organza and brown velvet tablecloths, wooden elements such as tree trunk cupcake stands, wooden boards & bowls, food labels, a target with an arrow and a Brave cardboard centrepiece as decor.  The mommy (or daddy) made tree trunk chairs for the children's table, I loved it!

To drink we served green "Magic Mystical Witches Brew" punch in a cauldron.

The eats & treats included "Will-o-the-Wisps" meringues with blue glitter, fresh fruit & cheese arrows, blue "Will-o-the-Wisps" lollipops, green grass cupcakes with arrows, blue "Will-o-the-Wisps" candyfloss cups, "Celtic Knots" cookies and Brave chocolate lollipops.  I literally loved each element of this party.

The party favour boxes were also a hit, excuse the pun! :)

The little guests each took home a round teal & white target box (complete with an arrow) filled with treats.