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Colours & Crayons Arts & Crafts Party Decor
Easels with “Paintings”
White Tablecloths
Rainbow Triangle Bunting
White Alphabet Letters
Glass Jars & Tins filled with Arts & Crafts Goodies
Glue, Feathers, Pom-Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Colouring Pencils, Coloured Paper, Scissors, Felt Tip Pens, Moving Eyes, Felt, Brushes, Glitter Glue & Ribbons
Mini Chalk Boards
Crayon Tins
Felt Rubber Paint Splats
Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Easel Food Labels
Striped Paper Straws

Colours & Crayons Arts & Crafts Party Eats & Treats
Paint Palette Cupcakes
Tiny "Paint" Buckets with Mini Smarties
Mini Hotdogs with Red “Paint” & Yellow “Paint”
Fresh Fruit "Colour Wheel"
Rainbow Jelly Cups
Mini Smarties in Plastic Paint Palettes
Triangle Sandwiches
Round Pizza Bites
Square Cheese Bites
Blue "Creative Juice"
Paint Palette Cookies
Paint Splat Popcorn Boxes filled with Rainbow Popcorn
Mineral Water Bottles
"Colour Wheel" Cooldrink Bottles
"Colour Wheels" Rainbow Lollipops
Rainbow Rock Candy
Paint "Chips"

Colours & Crayons Arts & Crafts Party Favours
Square Rainbow Boxes
Rainbow Buckets
Rainbow Aprons
Rainbow Bags
Canvasses & Paint

3 JUNE 2016

I LOVE the colours!

What fun!

We decorated the eats & treats table with a white tablecloth, the birthday girl's name in rainbow alphabet letters, rainbow tissue paper pom poms, rainbow triangle flag bunting, colourful stack boxes, arts & crafts supplies in glass bottles & tins (felt, googly eyes, pom poms, ice cream sticks, felt tip pens, colouring pencils, rolls of coloured paper and paint brushes) the menu in a white frame on a wooden easel, foam rubber paint splats, rolls of washi tape and mini Smarties confetti.

The eats & treats included rainbow "Colour Wheels" hard candy lollipops, mini Smarties in tiny "Paint" buckets, rainbow layered jelly cups, rainbow popcorn in paint splat popcorn boxes, pizza bites, a fresh fruit "Colour Wheel" and paint palette cookies as well as paint palettes with cupcakes and a whole variety of sprinkles, for DIY cupcakes! :)

To drink we served fruit infused mineral water with white paper cups and colourful striped paper straws as well as "Colour Wheel" cooldrink bottles, all the colours of the rainbow!

Each little artist received a tiny canvas complete with an easel and arts & crafts supplies with which they created beautiful masterpieces for the fridge door! :)

16 JANUARY 2016

The winner of our most recent "Win a Birthday Party" competition, Martie Kruger, finally had the party and she decided on an adorable Colours & Crayons Arts & Crafts party for her granddaughter, Milane.

I had so much fun putting this party together!

We set up and styled a fun and colourful eats & treats table which we decorated with a white tablecloths, colourful foam rubber paint splats, the cutest food labels on colourful easels, tissue paper pom poms, crayon bunting, colourful stack boxes with tins & glass bottles filled with arts & crafts goodies including rolls of paper, colouring pencils, felt tip pens, feathers & pom poms, striped paper straws, the birthday girl's name in rainbow alphabet letters and wooden spools with ribbon & bakers twine.

The eats & treats included rainbow popcorn in paint splatter boxes, rainbow jelly cups, a fresh fruit "Colour Wheel", mini hotdogs with red paint (tomato sauce) & yellow paint (mustard), the cutest paint palette cookies, round ham & cheese sandwiches, triangular cheese bites & biscuits, square pizza bites and sweets in "Paint" buckets.

To drink we served bottled water with paint splatter labels and rainbow cooldrink in glass bottles.

Each little artist took home a colourful bucket filled with treats.