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Doctor & Nurse Hospital Party Decor
Eye Test Chart Poster
White Tablecloths
Tongue Depressors
White Trays
Sick Teddies
Heart Bowls
Red Cross Triangle Flag Bunting
Red & White Striped Paper Straws

Doctor & Nurse Hospital Party Eats & Treats
Condensed Milk "Injections"
Jelly "Injections"
Yoghurt "Injections"
"Cough Syrup" Cooldrink in Medicine Bottles
Red Cross Cupcakes
Candy “Pills” in Apothecary Jars
"Happy Pills" Smarties in Pill Boxes
Plastic Gloves filled with Popcorn
Test Tube Cooldrinks
Little Red Lollipos in Apothecary Jar
Marshmallow "Cotton Balls"
EKG Heart Cookies
"Happy Pills" in Weekly Pill Boxes
Red Cross Popcorn Boxes with Band Aids
“Say AAAAAHH” Red Tongue Sweets
Mineral Water Bottles with Red Cross Labels
Blood Type Red Cooldrink Bottles
"Urine Samples" Apple Juice!
"Vitamins" Liquorice Comfits
"Pills & Tablets" Cookies

Doctor & Nurse Hospital Party Favours
First Aid Kit Party Favour Boxes
Band Aid Party Favour Boxes

9 AUGUST 2015

Another cute theme!

I had so much fun putting together this party!

We decorated the table with a white tablecloth, "Doctor Doctor" toys, X-rays, a sick teddy with a bandage, white plastic trays, bandages, tongue depressors, food labels, a personalized eye test chart and First Aid kits.

The eats & treats included "Say AAAAHH" gummy tongues, condensed milk syringes, tiny red lollipops in an apothecary jar just like in the doctor's office, plastic gloves filled with popcorn, heartbeat cookies, "Happy Pills" in packets & plastic pill boxes and marshmallow "Cotton Balls" in an apothecary jar.

To drink we served red "Cough Syrup" cooldrink in glass bottles with red & white striped paper straws and apple juice in test tubes.

Each guest took home a red & white "First Aid" party favour box filled with treats.