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Dragons & Vikings Party Decor
Hessian Tablecloths
Fur Tablecloths
Wooden Crates
Dragon Skin Tablecloths
Wooden Bowls, Plates & Boards
Wooden Cutlery
Dragon Figurines
Viking Helmet
Black Oil Lanterns

Dragons & Vikings Party Eats & Treats
Fire Breathing Dragon Fireballs
Chocolate "Dragon Eggs"
Jawbreaker "Dragon Eggs"
"Dragon Eggs" Sandwiches
Viking Helmet Cupcakes
Dragon Egg Cupcakes
Viking Ship Hotdogs
Viking Ship Sandwiches
Green "Dragon Blood" Fruit Punch
Mineral Water Bottles with Leather Cord Wraps
Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Popcorn Boxes filled with Caramel Popcorn
Viking's Chicken Legs
Double Chocolate Fire Cupcakes
Dragon's Lair Rock Chocolates
Dragon Fruit Jelly Cups

Dragons & Vikings Party Favours
Square Brown Boxes
Brown Leather Pouches

13 AUGUST 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed putting this eats & treats table together!

The party was held at Moreleta Duifies.

We decorated the eats & treats table with hessian tablecloths, a brown "Dragon Skin" tablecloth, brown fur overlays, Viking swords and shields, wooden crates, boards & bowls, black oil lanterns and food labels.

The eats & treats included "Fire Breathing Dragon" fireballs in wooden bowls, caramel popcorn in tiny galvanized steel buckets, Dragon Fruit jelly cups with wooden spoons, Viking ship hotdogs with black sails, Viking's chicken legs, chocolate "Dragon Eggs" in woven twig nests, "Dragon Eggs" egg mayonnaise sandwiches, the coolest Viking helmet cupcakes (thank you to Fabulicious Cakes!), Viking ship sandwiches and green rock candy.

To drink we served green "Dragon Blood" fruit punch in drinks dispensers with black paper cups and silver & white chevron paper straws and bottled water wrapped in leather cord.

Each little viking took home a cool brown leather pouch filled with treats.