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Lego Star Wars Party Decor
Lego Star Wars Cardboard Centrepieces
Black Velvet Tablecloths
Silver Star Confetti
Black Backdrop with Silver Stars
Darth Vader Lego Figurine
Silver & White Striped Paper Straws
"Light Sabers" Glow Sticks
Storm Trooper Figurine
Black Slate Platters
Millenium Falcon Model
Paper Plates & Serviettes
Lego Base Plates
Lego Cutlery Holder
Lego Bricks
Menu in Lego Frame
Lego Brick Alphabet Letters

Lego Star Wars Party Eats & Treats
Lego Star Wars Picture Cupcakes
“Jaba the Hutt”dogs
Mini Gourmet “Han”burgers
“Pizza the Hutt” Bites
Chocolate "Asteroids"
Lego Star Wars Chocolate Lollipops
Lego Star Wars Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Chewbacca’s Chewy Peanut Brittle
Princess Leia’s Cinnamon Buns
Princess Leia’s Lays
Blue "Carbonite" Jelly Bowls
Chewbacca's Chicken Pops
Lego Brick Cupcakes
Lego Brick Cheese Bites
Sweets in Apothecary Jars
Lego Brick Sandwiches
Lego Brick Pizza Bites
Lego Minifigure Chocolates
Lego Brick Chocolates

Lego Star Wars Party Drinks
C-3PO H20
Mineral Water Bottles with Lego Star Wars Labels
Blue Bubblegum "Bantha Milk"
Coca Cola Bottles with Lego Star Wars Labels
Blue Lemonade
Lego Brick Juice Boxes

Lego Star War Party Favours
Square Black & White Lego Star Wars Boxes
Black & White Star Wars Picture Bags
Black, White, Silver & Blue Lego Brick Boxes
Black, White, Silver & Blue Lego Brick Bags
Lego Star Wars Picture Buckets