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Since 2009


Mexican Fiesta Party Decor
Colourful Flowers
Tissue Paper Flowers
Mexican Tablecloths
Circle of Friends
Terra Cotta Pots & Trays
Papel Picado
Striped Paper Straws
Paper Plates & Serviettes
Food Labels
Fresh Fruit
Crochet Cactuses
Cactus Pillows
Cactus Alphabet Letters
Wooden Crates

Mexican Fiesta Eats & Treats
Cactus Cupcakes
Mexican Fiesta Popcorn Boxes filled with Rainbow Popcorn
Sweets in Terra Cotta Pots
Cactus Cookies
Rock Candy
Mexican Fiesta Chocolate Lollipops
Queso & Chicken Quesadillas
Nachos with Cheese 
with Crema & Guacamole
Mexican Pizza Bites 
Mexican Street Corn 
with Queso Fresco, Coriander & Lime
Mexican Fruit Salad
Tortilla Chips

Mexican Fiesta Party Drinks
Fresh Fruit Juice
Mineral Water Bottles with Mexican Fiesta Labels
Mexican Sunrise Cocktails
Assorted Soft Drinks

Mexican Fiesta Party Favours
Square Pink, Orange, Yellow & Green Mexican Fiesta Picture Boxes
Pink, Orange, Yellow & Green Mexican Fiesta Picture Bags
Mini Sombreros