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Monsters Inc Party Decor
Mike's Green & Sully's Blue Footprints
Sully's Furry Blue Tablecloths
Green Paper Lanterns
Blue Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Green & Blue Tablecloths
Monsters Inc Movie Posters
Blue/Green & White Striped Paper Straws
Monsters Inc Cardboard Centrepieces
Monsters University Banner
Green Alphabet Letters with Googly Eyes
Blue Alphabet Letters with Purple Dots
Mike Soft Toy
Blue Monsters Inc Hard Hats

Monsters Inc Party Eats & Treats
Monsters Inc Picture Cupcakes
Round Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
Pizza Bites
Mini Gourmet Burgers with Monster Eye Picks
Mini Hotdogs with Monsters Eye Picks
Crumbed Chicken Strips
Monsters Inc Chocolate Lollipops
Monster Ribs
Green Cooldrink Bottles with Monsters Inc Labels
Sully’s Furry Blue & Purple Cupcakes
Mineral Water Bottles with Monsters Inc Labels
Monsters Inc Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Mike’s Green Fruit Salad Cups
Chalooby’s Green Jelly Cups
Mike's Green Monster Juice
Sully's Blue Monster Punch
Green & Blue Sweets in “Mike” Buckets
Blue & Purple Candyfloss Balls
Sushi Chef’s Sushi

Monsters Inc Party Favours
Round Green "Mike" Boxes
Square Blue “Sully” Boxes
Square Blue & Green Monsters Inc Picture Boxes

25 JUNE 2015

Little Francois asked for a Monsters Inc party for his birthday and his little twin sister, Emma, had her own Tinker Bell Party! :)

The eats & treats included Monsters Inc chocolate lollipops in a green bucket, Sully's fluffy blue & purple candyfloss balls, Chalooby's green jelly cups, ribs and mini gourmet burgers, both with googley monster eye picks.

We decorated this mini eats & treats table with a green & white chevron tablecloth, Sully's fluffy light blue fur, a Mike soft toy, Monsters Inc hard hats, Monsters Inc cardboard centrepieces, blue tissue paper pom poms, green paper lanterns, food labels and a Monsters University pennant flag as well as the birthday boy's name in blue alphabet letters with furry purple dots & green alphabet letters with googley eyes.

To drink we served sparkling lemon cooldrink in glass bottles with blue & white chevron paper straws.

Fun was had by all! :)


Who doesn't love Mike & Sully?

It was such a windy day and we struggled to keep everything on the table!

We decorate the eats & treats table with green & blue tablecloths, a furry blue overlay, Monsters Inc cardboard centrepieces, a Mike soft toy, food labels, the birthday girl's name in green alphabet letters with moving eyes and blue alphabet letters with purple dots, green & blue tissue paper pom poms and monster eye food picks.  The Sully soft toy was the birthday girl's own.

The eats & treats included Chalooby's green jelly cups, mini gourmet burgers with monster eye picks, monster ribs, pizza bites, blue & green sweets in green buckets, Monsters Inc chocolate lollipops, popcorn in blue popcorn boxes, blue & purple candyfloss balls and mini hotdogs with monster eye picks.  The mommy supplied the Mike & Sully cupcakes.

To drink we served Sully's (very) blue litchi juice with blue paper cups and green & white striped paper straws as well as green cooldrink in bottles with Monsters Inc labels.

Each guest took home a cute Mike party favour box filled with treats.

For the adults we served some of our delicious Gourmet Snack Platters.