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Pastel Animal Safari Party Decor
Pastel Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Pastel Triangle Flag Bunting with Ribbons
Pastel Polka Dot Paper Serviettes
Pastel Plastic Animals
Pastel Flowers
Pastel Paper Lanterns
Pastel Striped Paper Straws with Flags
Wooden Spoons
Pastel Alphabet Letters
White Tablecloths
Pastel Striped Paper Table Runners
White Tree Branches
Pastel Organza Overlays

Pastel Animal Safari Party Eats & Treats
Pastel Animal Print Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Pastel Animal Cookies
Elephant, Giraffe, Lion & Zebra
Animal Sandwiches
Pastel Jelly Cups
Elephant's Whole Peanuts
Pink Strawberry Pudding Cups
Pink Marshmallow Rice Crispies Treats
Pastel Candyfloss Cups
Pastel Safari Animal Cupcakes with Pastel Animal Print Wrappers with Bling
Candy Necklaces
Pastel Animal Chocolate Lollipops
Pink Lemonade
Pink & White Marshmallow Wands with Sprinkles
Pink Strawberry Milk Bottles with Pastel Animal Labels
Yellow Banana Milk Bottles with Pastel Animal Labels
Green Creme Soda Milk Bottles with Pastel Animal Labels
Blue Bubblegum Milk Bottles with Pastel Animal Labels
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
Mineral Water Bottles with Pastel Animal Labels
Pastels Sweets in Apothecary Jars
Pastel Rock Candy
Mini Gourmet Burgers with Pastel Animal Picks
Mini Hotdogs
Animal Pizza Bites
Fresh Fruit Salad Cups

Pastel Animal Safari Party Favours
Square Pastel Animal Picture Party Favour Boxes with Ribbons
Round Pastel Animal Picture Party Favour Boxes with Ribbons


Isn't this cute?

We set up and styled this eats & treats table for a special little girl's first birthday.

We decorated the table with a white tablecloth, a pastel pink & white striped paper table runner, pastel triangle bunting with ribbons (one of my favourite elements), the birthday girl's name in pastel animal print alphabet letters, pastel tissue paper pom poms, pastel & white striped paper straws, pastel animals, gyp in glass bottles with pastel pink water, food labels and pastel pink & white polka dot paper serviettes.

The eats & treats included cute pastel animal cookies, vanilla cupcakes with pastel animal print wrappers, bling & cute baby animal cupcake toppers, popcorn in pastel animal safari boxes, mini gourmet burgers with baby animal picks, animal pizza bites, pastel pink & blue jelly cups with wooden spoons & bling & pastel chocolate lollipops with ribbons.

To drink we served delicious banana milk in glass bottles with pastel animal print wrappers and pastel & white striped paper straws as well as pink lemonade in plastic wine glasses.

Each little party animal took home a square pastel animal print party favour box filled with treats.