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Peter Pan Party Decor
Treasure Chest with Sea Sand, Shells & Gold Chocolate Coins
Shadow Silhouettes
Tree Trunk Cupcake Stands
Cardboard Centrepieces
Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Smee, Tik Tok, Wendy
Hessian Overlays
Green Tablecloths
Aqua Chiffon & Organza Overlays
Green & White Star Overlays
Hessian Table Runners
Red & White Striped Paper Table Runner
Red & White Striped Paper Straws
Wooden Cutlery
Fish Net
Red & White Striped Alphabet Letters
Red Oil Lanterns
Glass Bottles with Rope & Sea Sand
Wooden Crates
Red Feathers
Pirate Hook
Green Grass Placemats
Tik Tok's Clock
Pirate Flags
Bow & Arrows

Peter Pan Party Eats & Treats
Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust Sherbet
Peter Pan Picture Cupcakes
“Second Star to the Right” Sandwiches
“Second Star to the Right” Cookies
Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship Hotdogs
Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship Blue Jelly Bowls
Red & White Striped Captain Hook Popcorn Boxes filled with Caramel Popcorn
Tinker Bell’s Pixie Dust Sparkle Cupcakes
Peter Pan Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Peter Pan Chocolate Lollipops
Captain Hook’s Chicken Legs
Captain Hook’s Golden Chicken Nuggets & Crisps in Tins
Gold Chocolate Coins in Treasure Chest
Pixie Hollow Sticks
“Peter Pan”cakes with Pixie Dust Cinnamon Sugar
Green Cooldrink Bottles with Red Feathers
Tiger Lily’s Sugar Cone "Teepees"
Skully’s BBQ Chicken Wings
Fruit & Cheese Swords
"Canon Balls" Meatballs
Coca Cola in Beer Bottles
Cola Floats in Beer Mugs
Tik Tok’s Gummy Crocodiles
Green Rock Candy
Blue "Mermaid Lagoon" Lemonade
Lost Boys' Trail Mix
Pretzels, Mixed Roasted & Salted Nuts, Raisins, Mini Smarties, Caramel Popcorn
Mineral Water Bottles with Peter Pan Labels

Peter Pan Party Favours
Square Green Peter Pan Picture Boxes
Treasure Chest Boxes


We set up and styled this eats & treats table for the children of employees at their company's year end function.

We decorated the table with hessian tablecloths, aqua chiffon, aqua organza and green & white star overlays, red & white striped paper and hessian table runners, a treasure chest filled with sea shells and gold chocolate coins, Peter Pan silhouettes, tree trunk cupcake stands, cardboard centrepieces, fish nets, black oil lanterns, glass bottles with rope filled with sea sand, wooden crates & boards, a pirate hook, a green grass table runner, green grass placemats, Tik Tok's clock, pirate flags, a bow & arrows, an anchor and dreamcatchers representing Mermaid Lagoon, Pirate's Cove, Skull Rock, Pixie Hollow, The Lost Boys' Hideout, the Darling home and the Indian Camp. Fantasy at its best!

The eats & treats included Captain Hook's pirate ship hotdogs, red fireballs in red & white striped Captain Hook boxes, Peter Pan chocolate lollipops in green buckets, green, purple & red sweets in apothecary jars, blue jelly cups with wooden spoons and Captain Hook's pirate ship sails, Tinker Bell's green pixie dust cupcakes in purple cupcake cups, Peter Pan picture cupcakes, "Second Star to the Right" star pizza bites and caramel popcorn in Peter Pan boxes.

To drink we served green cooldrink in bottles with red feathers, bottled water with Peter Pan labels and "Mermaid Lagoon" juice in drinks dispensers with green paper cups and red & white striped paper straws.