inspiration for stylish celebrations



Pirate Party Decor
Treasure Chest with Sea Sand, Shells, Jewels & Gold Chocolate Coins
Jolly Roger Pirate Flags
Jolly Roger Bandanas
Wooden Cutlery
Fish Net
Red & White Striped Alphabet Letters
Hessian Overlays
Red & White Striped Jolly Roger Straws
Galvanized Steel Buckets with Ice
Black Oil Lanterns
Glass Bottles with Rope & Sea Sand
Wooden Crates
Pirate Hats
Pirate Hooks
Black Velvet Tablecloths
Red & White Striped Paper Table Runner
Gold Platters with Jewels
Old Keys

Pirate Party Eats & Treats
Jolly Roger Cupcakes
“Treasure Island” Fresh Fruit Kebabs
Gold Chicken Nuggets "Treasure"
Chicken "Parrot Wings"
“Giant Squid” Calamari Rings
“Seven Seas” Fish Nuggets
Jolly Roger Chocolate Lollipops
Fish Nuggets & Crisps in Tins
Fruit Punch in Goblets
Gold Chocolate Coins in Treasure Chest
Blue "Seven Seas" Punch
Jolly Roger Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Fruit & Cheese "Swords"
“Canon Balls” Meatballs
Pirate Ship Jelly Boats
Pirate Ship Hotdogs
Coca Cola in Beer Mugs
Apple Juice in Liquor Bottles
Pirate Ship Cupcakes
“Seven Seas” Mineral Water Bottles
Black "Cannon Balls"

Pirate Party Favours
Treasure Chest Boxes
Square Black Jolly Roger Boxes
Jolly Roger Bandanas

Pirate Party Food for Adults
“Treasure Island” Fresh Fruit Platter
Chicken "Parrot Wings"
“Canon Balls” Meatballs
Rum Punch in Beer Mugs
Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Captain Morgan Rum, Malibu, Grenadine & Lime
“Seven Seas” Mineral Water Bottles
Dark Chocolate Rum Cupcakes
Individual Prawn & Avocado Cocktail
Fresh Oysters with Lemon Juice, Black Pepper & Tabasco
Half Shell Mussels in a Chilli Salsa Vinaigrette
Line Fish & Bacon Bites
Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche & Capers Open Sandwiches with Caviar
Tuna Salad Wraps
Ferrero Rocher "Gold Nuggets" in Treasure Chest
"Peg Legs" Roasted Chicken Drumsticks

27 FEBRUARY 2016

Heinrich loved his pirate themed party and so did I! :)

We decorated the eats & treats table with black velvet tablecloths, a red & white striped paper table runner, hessian overlays, a fish net, a treasure chest filled with shells, jewels & gold chocolate coins, a rope, a personalized banner, food labels, red bandanas, a pirate hook & hat, a wooden pallet backdrop, wooden crates, black oil lanterns, red & black & white striped paper straws, galvanized steel buckets, sea sand in bottles tied with rope, a chalkboard anchor and the birthday boy's name in red & white striped alphabet letters.

We served pirate chocolate lollipops, fresh fruit swords, popcorn in red & white striped treasure map boxes, pirate picture cupcakes, mini pirate ship hotdogs, pirate ship jelly boats with wooden spoons, "Parrot Wings" (chicken) on a gold platter with jewels and "Cannon Balls" meatballs as well as red sweets in a glass jar with twine.

To drink we served Coca Cola in beer mugs as well as "Seven Seas" bottled water.

Each young pirate took home a personalized treasure chest party favour box filled with treats.

For the adults we prepared a delicious Cheese & Wine table, pirate style!

22 AUGUST 2015


Another one of my favourite themes! Love all the elements!

We styled a nice, big eats & treats table and decorated it with black velvet tablecloths, hessian tablecloths, a red & white striped paper table runner, a fish net, gold chocolate coins, wooden crates and plates, golden platters with jewels, food labels, sea sand, shells, red & white striped Jolly Roger straws, treasure chests filled with jewels, shells and gold chocolate coins, a red oil lantern, a chalkboard anchor, Jolly Roger bandanas, a pirate hat and hook, glass bottles with rope filled with sea sand, galvanized buckets filled with ice, wooden cutlery and a personalized banner.

On the menu was golden chicken nuggets "Treasure", "Treasure Island" fresh fruit kebabs, pirate ship hotdogs, fish nuggets & crisps in tins and popcorn in red & white striped Jolly Roger popcorn boxes.

To drink we served apple juice in glass bottles with red and white striped labels, cola floats in beer mugs and "Seven Seas" mineral water bottles in galvanized buckets with ice.

Each guest received a treasure chest party favour box filled with sweets to take home.