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Pixie Fairies & Elves Party Decor
Flowers in Rusted Buckets, Cups & Shoes
Fairy Lights
Green Grass Placemats
Wooden Cutlery
Tree Trunk Cupcake Stands
Wooden Backdrop
Pink & Green Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Green Moss Bunny
Miniature Twig Pixie Furniture
Pixie Doors
Pine Cones
Moss Stones
Moss Alphabet Letters
Menu in Wooden Frame

Pixie Fairies & Elves Party Eats & Treats
Toadstool Cupcakes
Pixie Dust Sherbet
Pink Lemonade in Plastic Wine Glasses with Sprinkle Rims
Sparkle Cupcakes
Pixie Fairy Bread
Magic Wand Cookies
Magic Fruit Wands
Flower Sandwiches
Fairy Berries & White Chocolate
Radish Toadstools & Mushroom Salad Cups
Pretzel "Twigs"
Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts
"Dew Drops" Fruit Infused Mineral Water
"Nectar" Juice
Fairy Berries
Toadstool Marshmallow Pops
Caramel Popcorn
Acorn Cake Pops
Crumbed Mushrooms
Flake "Tree Trunks"
Chocolate Bark with Pixie Dust Sprinkles, Dried Cranberries & Nuts
Pixie Punch
Pixie Stix

Pixie Fairies & Elves Party Favours
Flower Boxes
Pixie Elf Hats
Pixie Elf Wands
Pixie Fairy Wings
Magic Wands
Pixie Fairy Tutus
Twig Pencils
Toadstool Boxes

21 MAY 2016

What a cute first birthday party theme for a "cheeky little pixie" (as Nicola's mommy puts it)!

The morning sun shone in through in tiny rays almost as if we were in a secret forest somewhere. :)

We decorated the eats & treats table with hessian tablecloths, a green grass table runner, Nicola's name in pink alphabet letters, woven wooden balls, wooden bowls & plates, tree trunk cupcake stands, pine cones, moss stones, pink butterflies, beautiful tiny pink flowers in rusted cups & saucers, a moss bunny, picket fences with moss and the menu in a wooden frame.

The eats & treats included pixie fairy fruit wands with star fruit, chocolate bark with fairy sprinkles, dried cranberries & nuts, delicious pink glitter cupcakes with fresh raspberries, red toadstool cupcakes, pink pixie fairy wand cookies with glitter & pink ribbons, toadstool marshmallow pops, pretzel stick "Twigs" and strawberry jam flower sandwiches as well as strawberries & chocolate with pixie dust sprinkles.

To drink we served forest berry juice and "Dew Drops" fruit infused mineral water in drinks dispensers with pink & white polka dot paper cups and pink & white striped paper straws.

Each little pixie took home a cute pink flower party favour box filled with treats and the little elves received toadstool party favour boxes, too cute!