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Since 2009


Pocahontas Party Decor
Feathers, Beads & Leather Cord
Wooden Cutlery
Glass Bottles with Beads & Feathers
Pocahontas Cardboard Centrepieces
Wooden Bowls
Tree Trunk Cupcake Stands
Cactuses in Terra Cotta Pots
Brown Suede Tablecloths
Hessian Table Runners
Green Grass Placemats
Green Grass Table Runner
Light Brown & White Chevron Tablecloths
Wooden Alphabet Letters
Food Labels
Bow & Arrows

Pocahontas Party Eats & Treats
Sugar Cone & Pretzel Stick Teepees
Camp Fire Cupcakes
Indian Corn on the Cob
Arrow Cupcakes
Fresh Fruit Arrows
Arrow Cookies
Pocahontas Chocolate Lollipops
Pocahontas Picture Cupcakes
Mineral Water Bottles with Pocahontas Labels
Chocolate Milk in Bottles with Feathers & Beads
Pocahontas Popcorn Boxes filled with Caramel Popcorn
Fruit Juice in Bottles with Feathers & Beads
Pocahontas' Trail Mix
Pretzels, Mixed Roasted Nuts, Raisins, Caramel Popcorn, Mini Smarties
Tomahawk Pretzel Sticks
Sweets in Terra Cotta Pots

Pocahontas Party Favours
Teepee Boxes
Suede Bags
Square Brown Pocahontas Picture Boxes

28 OCTOBER 2015