inspiration for stylish celebrations



 Pool Party Decor
Swimming Rings
Beach Balls
Inflatable Chairs
Pool Noodles
Pool Towels
Flip Flop Food Labels
Fancy Straws
Drinks Dispensers
Paper Plates & Serviettes
Striped Paper Straws
Blue Tablecloths

Pool Party Eats & Treats
Fresh Fruit Salad Cups
Ice Cream Cups
Watermelon Wedges
Flip Flop Cookies
"Beach Balls" Meatballs
Beach Ball Fruit Platter
Pool Towel Ham & Cheese Open Sandwiches
"Swimming Pool" Blue Jelly Bowls
"Sun Tan Lotion" Meringues
"Pool Noodles" Salad Bowls
Pink, Green, Yellow & Blue Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
"Floaties" Doughnuts
"Beach Balls" Gum Balls
Umbrella Cupcakes
"Pool Noodles" Twizzlers
Fresh Vegetables with “Take a Dip” Cream Cheese
Sweets in Sand Pails & Shovels
Fruit Popsicles
Mini Gourmet Burgers
Pizza Bites
"Take a Dip" Crisps & Dips

Pool Party Drinks
“Don’t Drink the Pool Water” Mineral Water Bottles
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
"Pool Water" Blue Lemonade
Fruit Infused Mineral Water
Iced Tea
Fresh Fruit Juice

Pool Party Favours
Beach Ball Boxes
Flip Flop Boxes
Square Blue Boxes
Pails & Shovels

Pool Party Food for Adults
Fresh Vegetables with “Take a Dip” Cream Cheese
Fresh Fruit Skewers
Mini Gourmet Burgers
with Lettuce, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese & Relish
Mini Gourmet Hotdogs
with Cheese Grillers, Onions, Relish & Mustard

Pizza Bites