inspiration for stylish celebrations



Tangled Party Decor
Golden Yellow Braids with Flowers
Purple Triangle Bunting with Sunbursts
Purple Tablecloths
Lavender Tablecloths
Paper Lanterns
Flynn Rider Wanted Posters
Tangled Cardboard Centrepieces
Wooden Cutlery tied with Yellow Braids
Black Skillets
Yellow Braid Letter Backdrop
Green Grass Placemats
Green Grass Table Runner
Paint Palette, Easel & Paint Brushes

Tangled Party Eats & Treats
Tangled Picture Cupcakes
Tangled Chocolate Lollipops
Pink Jelly Bowls
Rapunzel’s Braided Cheese Bread
Maximus’ Mini Toffee Apples
Fresh Fruit Platter
Purple Popcorn Boxes with Sunbursts filled with Caramel Popcorn
Tangled Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Purple Glitter Cupcakes
Ham & Cheese Knotted Breadrolls
Purple Cooldrink Bottles with Tangled Labels
Tangled Spaghetti Bowls
Sparkling Grape Juice in Plastic Wine Glasses
Sunburst Cookies
Sunburst Sandwiches
Paint Palette Cookies
Lavender Lemonade
Mineral Water Bottles with Tangled Labels

Tangled Party Favours
Square Purple & Golden Yellow Starburst Boxes
Square Pink Tangled Picture Boxes
Flynn Rider’s Satchel Bags

25 MARCH 2017

10 JUNE 2016

17 JUNE 2016