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The Smurfs Party Decor
Blue & White Chevron Tablecloths
The Smurfs Cardboard Centrepieces
Blue & White Striped Paper Straws
Green Grass Placemats
Blue, White & Red Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Blue & White Triangle Bunting
Blue & White Alphabet Letters
The Smurfs Figurines

The Smurfs Party Eats & Treats
Blue & White The Smurfs Picture Cupcakes
Blue, White & Red Sweets in Apothecary Jars
Blue Lemonade Bottles with The Smurfs Labels
Blue Bubblegum Milk Bottles with The Smurfs Labels
The Smurfs Chocolate Lollipops
Toadstool Cupcakes
Blue Jelly Cups
Mini Blueberry Muffins
Individual Radish Toadstools Salad Bowls
Strawberries & White Chocolate with Blue Glitter
"Toadstools" Marshmallow Pops
Blue Lollipops
The Smurfs Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Azrael's Tuna Sandwiches
Blue Sweets in Packets with The Smurfs Bag Toppers
Blue Candyfloss Cups
Mini Toffee Apples
Smurfs are only 3 apples high!
Mini White Marshmallows in Apothecary Jar
Mixed Berry Cups
Red Cooldrink Bottles with The Smurfs Labels
Mineral Water Bottles with The Smurfs Labels

The Smurfs Party Favours
Square Blue & White The Smurfs Picture Boxes
Round Blue & White The Smurfs Picture Boxes
Blue & White The Smurfs Picture Bags
Blue & White The Smurfs Picture Buckets
Red & White Toadstool Boxes
White Smurf Hats

21 AUGUST 2016

We haven't done a Smurfs party in ages!

And this mommy went all out for her son's combined first birthday party and Christening, it was almost like a bright blue & red wedding! :)

 We set up and styled a large eats & treats table which we decorated with a blue & white chevron tablecloth, Smurfs figurines, Smurfs cardboard centrepieces, blue & white chevron Smurfs straws and the birthday boy's name in blue alphabet letters.

The draping was done by the venue, A River Runs Through It, in Centurion.

The eats & treats included cute toadstool cupcakes (thank you to Fabulicious Cakes!), blue marshmallow pops, blue jelly cups, popcorn in The Smurfs boxes, blue & white hard candy lollipops in packets with The Smurfs bag toppers, red, blue & white sweets in apothecary jars, blue lollipops and blue candyfloss in red & white polka dot cups.

To drink we served red raspberry cooldrink in glass bottles and delicious blue bubblegum milk in a drinks dispenser with blue paper cups and blue & white chevron Smurf straws.

 Each little Smurf took home a cute toadstool party favour box filled with treats as well as a white Smurf hat!