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Tinker Bell Party Decor
 Green & Purple Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Green Tablecloths
Purple & White Polka Dot Overlays
Tree Trunk Cupcake Stands
Tinker Bell Cardboard Centrepieces
Moss Bunny
Purple Alphabet Letters
Green Grass Placemats
Green Grass Table Runner
Green & Purple Polka Dot Triangle Bunting
Green & White Striped Paper Straws

Tinker Bell Party Eats & Treats
Organza Bags with Pixie Dust Sherbet
Green Cooldrink Bottles with Tinker Bell Labels
Tinker Bell Picture Cupcakes
Green & Purple Pixie Dust Sparkle Cupcakes
Tinker Bell Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Tinker Bell Chocolate Lollipops
Green Glitter Magic Wand Cookies with Purple Ribbons
Candy Necklaces
Pixie Fruit Wands
Pixie Hollow Sticks
Green Pixie Punch
Green Rock Candy
Green & Purple Jelly Cups
Pixie Berries & White Chocolate
Green Creme Soda Milk Bottles with Tinker Bell Labels
Flower Sandwiches
Mineral Water Bottles with Tinker Bell Labels

Tinker Bell Party Favours
Square Green & Purple Tinker Bell Picture Boxes
Round Green & Purple Tinker Bell Picture Boxes
Green Tinker Bell Picture Bags

25 JUNE 2016

Little Emma asked for a Tinker Bell party for her birthday and her little twin brother, Francois, had his own Monsters Inc Party! :)

We served strawberries with white chocolate & green sprinkles on tree trunk stands, fairy fruit wands in brown picket fences with moss, Tinker Bell chocolate lollipops in green buckets, popcorn in Tinker Bell boxes and purple & green jelly cups with wooden spoons.

Additional decor included green tablecloths, a purple & white polka dot overlay, green grass placemats, moss stones, purple & green tissue paper pom poms, a Tinker Bell cardboard centrepiece and food labels.

To drink we served green cooldrink in glass bottles with Tinker Bell labels and green & white striped paper straws.


We set up and styled this cute Tinker Bell eats & treats table using white tablecloths, green tablecloths, purple & white polka dot overlays, wooden plates & bowls, tree trunk cupcake stands, a Tinker Belll cardboard centrepiece, a green moss bunny, food labels and brown picket fences as decor.

To eat we served ham & cheese flower sandwiches in little wooden plates, fresh fruit kebabs, Tinker Bell picture cupcakes, popcorn in Tinker Bell popcorn boxes, Tinker Bell chocolate lollipops, cute magic wand cookies with green ribbons, purple & green jelly cups, candy necklaces and "Pixie Hollow" sticks.

We served bottled water and creme soda in glass bottles to drink, both with Tinker Bell labels.

The mommy decided on purple Tinker Bell buckets filled with treats to give to each little guest as a party favour.

 The adults snacked on some of our delicious Gourmet Snack Platters.