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Toy Story Party Decor
Toy Story Cardboard Centrepieces
Toy Story Toys
Mr Potato Head, Trolls, Bucket O'Soldiers, Barbie, Piggy Bank, T-Rex
Toy Story Movie Posters
Posters of Andy’s Drawings
ABC Block Boxes
Moving Boxes marked “Attic” & “Sunnyside”
Cow Print, Blue & Yellow/Red Check Alphabet Letters
Cow Print, Blue & Yellow/Red Check Bunting
White Cloud Backdrop
Woody’s Cowboy Hat & Red Bandana
Green & White Chevron Tablecloth
Paper Plates & Serviettes
Food Labels

Toy Story Party Eats & Treats
Bucket O'Soldiers Cupcakes
Mr Potato Head’s Potato Chips
Woody’s Biltong & Cheese Spread "Haystacks" Sandwiches
Hamm the Piggy Bank’s Ribs
Hamm the Piggy Bank’s Gold Chocolate Coins
Slinky Dog’s Mini Hotdogs
Hamm the Piggy Bank’s Pigs in a Blanket
Hamm the Piggy Bank’s Ham Sandwiches
"There’s a Snake in my Boot" Gummy Snakes
Woody’s Sheriff Badge Cookies
Toy Story Chocolate Lollipops
Toy Story Picture Cupcakes
Buzz Lightyear’s "To Infinity & Beyond" Star Cookies
Buzz Lightyear’s "To Infinity & Beyond" Star Sandwiches
Jessie’s Chocolate "Cowgirl Hats"
Toy Story Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
“Pizza Planet” Pizza Bites in Pizza Box
“To Infinity & Beyond” Fruit Rockets
Cow Print Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Ooohhh... Green “Alien” Jelly Bowls
Cloud Cookies

Toy Story Party Drinks
Green Alien Juice
Mineral Water Bottles with Toy Story Labels
“To Infini-Tea & Beyond” Iced Tea
Vanilla Milk in Cow Print Bottles

Toy Story Party Favours
Square Toy Story Picture Boxes
Jessie’s Cowgirl Hat Buckets
Mr Potato Head’s Brown Paper Bags

12 AUGUST 2017

27 AUGUST 2016

This is still one of my favourite themes, the toys bring back such fond memories of my childhood and there are so many elements to work with!

We decorated this eats & treats table with a green & white chevron tablecloth, Woody's red bandana, toys including Mr Potato Head, trolls, toy soldiers, a dinosaur and Barbie, a blue (not pink!) piggy bank, Woody's cowboy hat, the birthday boy's name in denim, yellow & red check and cow print alphabet letters, Buzz Lightyear and Woody cardboard centrepieces, a Pizza Planet pizza box, giant ABC123 building blocks and a cardboard box marked "ATTIC" as well as Toy Story inspired triangle bunting.

The eats & treats included Toy Story picture cupcakes, Jesse's chocolate cowgirl hats, popcorn in Toy Story boxes, Buzz Lighyear's star sandwiches, Hamm the Piggy Bank's gold chocolate coins, Ooohhh... green "Alien" jelly cups, Toy Story chocolate lollipops, "There's a Snake in My Boot" gummy snakes, pizza bites in a Pizza Planet pizza box, Buzz Lightyear's green star cookies and fresh fruit rockets in green buckets.

To drink we served bottled water with Toy Story labels as well as "To Infini-Tea & Beyond" iced tea in glass bottles with green & white striped paper straws.

The little boys each took home a square green & purple Toy Story picture party favour box filled with treats and the little girls each got a cute red cowgirl hat party favour bucket, just like Jesse's! :)

11 JULY 2015

The 19th Hole Putt Putt in Menlyn, Pretoria with its Mini Town was the perfect venue for this Toy Story party!

We set up and styled a delicious eat & treats table for Nicholas' third birthday.

We decorated the table with blue & white chevron tablecloths, a cow print overlay, giant ABC blocks, toys from the Toy Story movies such as Mr Potato Head, trolls, toy soldiers, a piggy bank and a dinosaur, Woody's cowboy hat & red bandana, a Toy Story cardboard centrepiece, movie posters, Andy's drawings and triangle flag bunting.

The eats & treats included popcorn in Toy Story boxes, pizza bites in a "Pizza Planet" box, Toy Story chocolate lollipops, Buzz Lightyear's "To Infinity & Beyond" green glitter star cookies, Toy Story logo cupcakes, Toy Story sweets packets and Hamm the Piggy Bank's golden chocolate coins. To drink we served "To InfiniTEA & Beyond" Iced Tea, too cute!

Each little friend took home a red, blue, yellow or green Toy Story picture party favour box.