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Transformers Party Decor
Transformers Cardboard Centrepieces
Black Tablecloths
Silver Plates
Black Alphabet Letters with Nuts, Bolts & Washers
Transformers Toys
Silver Step Plate Table Runner

Transformers Party Eats & Treats
Transformers Logo Cupcakes
Transformers Chocolate Lollipops
Transformers Popcorn Boxes filled with "Pop Rivets"
Mineral Water Bottles with Transformers Labels
"Nuts & Bolts" Mixed Nuts & Pretzel Sticks
Sideswipes’s Sliders
Hot Rod’s Mini Hotdogs
Pizza Bites
Energon's Energade
Chicken "Pop Rivets" in "Oil" Tins
Optimus Prime’s Red & Blue Sweets
Bumble Bee’s Yellow Jelly Cups
Apple Juice "Fuel"

Transformers Party Favours
Square Red, Blue & Yellow Transformers Picture Boxes
Square Step Plate Boxes

16 APRIL 2016

I loved putting together this party for Logan, our next door neighbour. :)

We decorated the table with black tablecloths, food label picks, the birthday boy's name in black alpabet letters with nuts, bolts & washers, a grey paper table runner, a silver diamond step plate table runner, black slate platters, galvanized steel buckets, silver plates and Transformers cardboard centrepieces.

We served popcorn in Transformers boxes, "Nuts & Bolts" mixed nuts & pretzel sticks in a galvanized silver bucket, Sidewipe's sliders, Optimus Prime's red & blue sweets in glass jars, Transformers cupcakes with silver sprinkles, chicken popcorn & crisps in "oil" tins, Bumble Bee's yellow jelly cups, pizza bites and Transformers chocolate lollipops.

To drink we served apple juice "Fuel" in glass bottles with silver & white striped paper straws and bottled water with Transformers labels.

Each little friend took home a red, blue or yellow Transformers picture party favour box filled with treats.