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Vintage Aeroplane Party Decor
Blue & White Cloud Backdrop
Paper Aeroplanes
Vintage Suitcase Boxes
Blue & White Chevron Tablecloths
Vintage Aeroplanes
Cutlery & Serviettes in Plastic Packets
Vintage Globe
Brown Paper Parcels with Vintage Map Food Tags
Wooden Aeroplanes
Vintage Map Alphabet Letters
Blue & White Striped Propeller Straws
Wooden Crates
Hessian Tablecloths
Cloud Banner
Paper Plates & Serviettes
Food Labels

Aeroplane Pilot Party Eats & Treats
Cloud Cookies
Aeroplane Sandwiches
Blue Candyfloss "Clouds"
"In Flight Meal" Gourmet Sandwiches
Paper Aeroplane Cupcakes
Blue & White Cloud Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Sweets in Apothecary Jars
"Landing Gear" Doughnuts
Blue Jelly Bowls with Mini Marshmallow "Clouds"
Aeroplane Pizza Bites
Aeroplane Cheese Bites & Biscuits
Caramel Popcorn
Marshmallow "Clouds" in Apothecary Jars
"In Flight Snacks"
Mixed Nuts, Pretzels, Mini Marshmallows, Mini Smarties, Raisins
Meringues "Clouds"

Aeroplane Party Drinks
"Jet Fuel" Apple Juice
Mineral Water Bottles
Blue Lemonade
Vanilla Milk Bottles

Aeroplane Pilot Party Favours
"In Flight Meal" Packs
Vintage Suitcase Boxes
Square Blue Vintage Aeroplane Picture Boxes

19 AUGUST 2017

7 JANUARY 2017

I just loved the vintage map alphabet letters and food tags!

And I liked the colour sheme, vintage indeed!

We decorated the eats & treats table with hessian and blue & white chevron tablecloths, vintage suitcase boxes, wooden, paper and vintage aeroplanes, a cloud backdrop, wooden crates, the cutest brown paper parcel boxes with vintage map food tags, blue & white stripe propeller paper straws, a vintage globe, a hessian table runner and the birthday boy's name in vintage map alphabet letters.

We served white marshmallow "Clouds" in glass jars, aeroplane pizzas, cheese bites and sandwiches, "Landing Gear" chocolate dougnuts, vintage sweets in aeroplane boxes and cloud cookies as well as vanilla milk in glass bottles and apple juice "Fuel" in a fuel can with blue paper cups.


I thoroughly enjoyed putting this vintage aeroplane party together with Lihan's mommy who had wonderful ideas!

The party was held at Black Rock, a venue located close to Lanseria Airport.

We decorated the table with a red & white chevron tablecloth, a blue sky & cloud backdrop, triangle flag bunting, vintage travel suitcase boxes, a vintage globe, vintage model aeroplanes, paper planes, wooden aeroplanes, wooden cutlery & paper napinks in brown paper packets, the birtyday boy's name in yellow alphabet letters and my favourite element of the whole party, the cute brown paper parcel food labels.

The eats & treats included cloud cookies, tiny boxes filled with sweets, paper plane cupcakes, delicious "In Flight Meal" gourmet sandwiches, aeroplane cheese bites & biscuits, "Landing Gear" chocolate doughnuts and aeroplane pizza bites.

To drink we served apple juice "Fuel" with glass bottles and cute propeller straws.

29 AUGUSTUS 2015

What a cute theme for a little boy!

We set up and styled an eats & treats table which we decorated with a blue & white chevron tablecloth, vintage travel suitcase boxes, paper aeroplanes, aeroplane boxes, food labels, wooden aeroplane models, vintage aeroplane models, a vintage globe and wooden crates.

To eat we served aeroplane sandwiches, popcorn in blue sky & cloud popcorn boxes, aeroplane pizza bites, blue candyfloss "Clouds" in packets, "Landing Gear" chocolate doughnuts, cloud cookies and paper aeroplane cupcakes with blue sky & cloud wrappers.

To drink we served "Fuel" apple juice in glass bottles with blue & white striped paper straws.

My favourite element of this party was the super cute vintage suitcase party favour boxes.


I just LOVED the venue for this party! It was held at the SA Airforce Museum in Valhalla, Centurion. The "table" was an old aeroplane wing and painted on the wall behind it was a vintage aeroplane, it was the perfect background! If your boys like aeroplanes then this is definitely a place to visit. :)

Additional decor included red & blue paper aeroplanes, a vintage globe, vintage suitcase boxes, food labels, red & blue stack boxes and vintage model aeroplanes.

To eat we served popcorn in blue cloud boxes, red paper aeroplane cupcakes with blue cloud wrappers, cloud cookies, aeroplane pizza bites and gourmet "In Flight Meal" sandwiches with red & white striped paper wrappers tied with twine.

To drink we served "Jet Fuel" apple juice with paper cups and red & white striped paper straws.

Each little pilot took home a square blue vintage aeroplane picture party favour box filled with treats.