b o k s o m d a a i s boutique events

since 2009


Mister Maker Decor
Paint Palettes 
Wooden Easels
White Tablecloths
WELCOME TO MISTER (Insert Child's Name Here)'s PARTY Sign
White Alphabet Letters
Glass Jars & Tins filled with Art Supplies
Glue, Feathers, Pom-Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Colouring Pencils, Coloured Paper, Scissors, Felt Tip Pens, Moving Eyes, Felt, Brushes, Glitter Glue, Ice Cream Sticks & Ribbons
Felt Rubber Paint Splats
Food Labels on Mini Wooden Easels
Striped Paper Straws
Paper Plates & Serviettes
Wooden Cutlery
Wooden Crates
Giant Crayons
Mister Maker Activity Sheet Placemats
Giant Shapes

Mister Maker Party Eats & Treats
Paint Palette Cupcakes
Tiny Paint Buckets with Mini Smarties
Fresh Fruit Colour Wheel
Jelly Bowls
"I am a Triangle" Ham & Cheese Sandwiches
"I am a Circle" Pizza Bites
"I am a Square" Cheese Bites
Paint Palette Cookies
"I am a Shape" Cookies
Paint Splat Popcorn Boxes filled with Rainbow Popcorn
Colour Wheels Rainbow Lollipops
Rock Candy
Paint Chips
Sweets in Apothecary Jars
"I am a Shape" Picture Cupcakes

Mister Maker Party Drinks
Blue Creative Juice
Mineral Water Bottles with Paint Splat Labels
Gloopy Glue Vanilla Milk Bottles

Mister Maker Party Favours
Mister Maker Picture Buckets
Plastic Aprons
Mister Maker Picture Bags with Tissue Paper
Wooden Easels, Canvasses & Paint
Doodle Drawer Boxes
"I am a Shape" Boxes

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