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since 2009


Shaun the Sheep Party Decor
Shaun the Sheep Cardboard Centrepieces
White Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Green Grass Placemats
Green Grass Table Runner
White Picket Fences
Wool Pom Pom Sheep
Black & White Striped Paper Straws

Shaun the Sheep Party Eats & Treats
Shaun the Sheep Picture Cupcakes
Shaun the Sheep Chocolate Lollipops
Shaun the Sheep Popcorn Boxes filled with Popcorn
Shirley’s Beef Sliders
Timmy’s Lamb Cupcakes
Black & White Sweets in Apothecary Jars
The Naughty Pigs’ Pork Riblets
The Naughty Pigs’ Ham Sandwiches
The Naughty Pigs’ Pigs in a Blanket
Pidsley’s Tuna Mayonnaise Cat Sandwiches
Bitzer’s Dog Bone Cookies
Bitzer’s Dog Bone Sandwiches
Bitzer's Hotdogs
The Farmer’s Vegetable Garden Platter
Fresh Fruit Salad
Sheep Poop Cadbury’s Shortcake Tumbles
Mini Marshmallows Lamb's Tails
Sheep Pizza Bites
Sheep Sandwiches
Shaun the Sheep Cookies

Shaun the Sheep Party Drinks
Mineral Water Bottles with Shaun the Sheep Labels
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
Vanilla Milk Bottles

Shaun the Sheep Party Favours
Square White Shaun the Sheep Picture Party Favour Boxes

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